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Dress Code

Harrison Hill Elementary School - Dress Code



Uniforms Are Worn Monday through Friday at Harrison Hill


  • White or navy blouse with collar
  • White or navy polo shirt with collar
  • White or navy turtleneck
  • Solid navy or solid white sweaters or sweatshirts (without hoods)
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times


  • Navy or khaki pants
  • Navy or khaki skirts/skorts
  • Navy or khaki jumpers
  • Before November 1st/After April 1st students may wear the following:
  • Navy or khaki walking shorts (must be fingertip length or longer)
  • Navy or khaki capri pants


  • Any shoes or sneakers (except flip-flops, open-toe, or open-back shoes)
  • Any socks
  • Colored tights and leggings are to be: solid black, tan, or white
  • Any ties, hair-bow or belts

The school will notify families of any "out of dress code days’ in advance.