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About Us

Harrison Hill Elementary School is dedicated to student achievement in all areas of study. We are learning community emphasizing academic excellence and personal growth. All students at Harrison Hill are valued members of the learning community and student celebrations are held monthly to promote academic achievement and positive behavior. Learn more about our programs and annual events below.


Houses works to build community through the whole building and all students through monthly activities and community building projects. Students were sorted into house and families and worked together to make crests based on their houses and what each house stands for. Students stay in the same family their whole time at Harrison Hill despite their grade and work together on various projects.


Stars & Gems

S.T.A.R.S = Students and Teachers Achieving Real Success-started in 1997

G.E.M.S. = Girls Educated to Maximize Success- Started in 2009

The goal of both programs is to provide students with unique opportunities as well as to provide them with the tools to be better and more productive citizens in the world.

Annual Events

Cultural Committee

Cultural Celebration is a week-long exploration into the music, art, animals, food, customs, and games and activities that are unique to each of six different continents of the world. Each year a different continent is studied and explored. Music, gym and art activities associated with each continent are taught by the special area teachers. Foods unique to each region are brought in and sampled by students. Also guests from the community come and present to the students: dance, musical instruments, artwork, or animals.

Gobble Off

The Gobble Off was created by our PTA in 1988.  It takes place every year the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Each class will choose a winner and a runner up to participate the day of Gobble Off.  The judges determine the winner (the student that gobbles most like a real turkey).  Our PTA presents the winner with a large frozen turkey and the runner up receives a pumpkin pie.  We have one for students in K – 2nd and one for 3rd – 5th grade. The parents of the winners will be notified by Ms. Millhouse, Title I Family Liaison